The MOEA Presents International Trade Awards to Outstanding Enterprises

International Trade Awards Leadership: Expanding Global Sales
MOEA Presents Outstanding Enterprises with International Trade Awards
The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) presented the 2023 International Trade Awards to 17 outstanding enterprises during the awards ceremony held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 on September 12, 2023. The awards were for the categories of "Best Trade Contribution Award", "Emerging Market Expansion Contribution Award", and "SME Market Expansion Contribution Award".
During her speech at the ceremony, MOEA Minister Mei-Hua Wang noted that Taiwan's economy is export-oriented, and that over the past 14 years, exports have continued to grow since the 2009 global financial crisis. In fact, in July this year, Taiwan achieved a record high in monthly exports. However, Taiwan faces challenges due to a high base period and a slowing global economy, which require more efforts from everyone. A slowdown occurred due to a decline in exports in recent months, while the AI sector drove growth in ICT products in July and August. Additionally, traditional industries, such as machinery, basic metals, plastics and rubber, and chemicals have shown improvements in their exports.
This year, AI and electronics have thrived, injecting new energy into Taiwan's exports. The award-winning semiconductor foundry TSMC has actively invested in cutting-edge technological research and development, thereby strengthening the ecosystem of our semiconductor industry, and making Taiwan an indispensable international partner. Meanwhile, ASE Inc., a semiconductor packaging and testing company, has demonstrated outstanding capabilities in this field. In addition, with the development of electric vehicles, the PEGATRON Corporation has integrated ICT technology to successfully develop automotive electronic products and become an industrial leader.
Minister Wang emphasized that since Taiwan's industries play key roles in global supply chains, carbon reduction is necessary. She expressed gratitude to companies for their continuous efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) under the MOEA has also provided guidance to SMEs on carbon reduction technologies and innovations in packaging. This has enhanced Taiwan's overall product image.
The winners of the 2023 International Trade Awards are as follows:
"Best Trade Contribution Award":
KING CAR FOOD INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. ( Agriculture), CHINA STEEL CHEMICAL CORPORATION (Minerals), Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Corporation (Chemicals), FORMOSA PLASTICS CORPORATION (Plastic & rubber), DE LICACY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (Textiles), WALSIN LIHWA  CORPORATION (Metals), MARKETECH INTERNATIONAL CORP. (Machinery), INGRASYS TECHNOLOGY INC. ( Information and Communication), TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED (Electrical and Electronics), PEGATRON CORPORATION (Transportation), Qualcomm Semiconductor Limited (Optical and Precision instruments), CHUNG HWA PULP CORPORATION (other).
"Emerging Market Expansion Contribution Award":
TAITA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. ( African market), WISTRON NEWEB CORPORATION (Central and South American market), CHINA STEEL CORPORATION (Middle East market), ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR ENGINEERING, INC. ( New Southbound market).
"SME Market Expansion Contribution Award":
Minister Wang also stressed the importance of "Made in Taiwan (MIT)," given the current international political and economic situations. The BOFT will continue to explore approaches to expand into international markets by launching the "Good Products, Promote to the World" program. Besides helping businesses expand into European and American markets, the BOFT will organize more trade missions to visit emerging markets in Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the New Southbound countries. Furthermore, due to rising overseas exhibition costs driven by international inflation, starting next year, individual companies and public associations will receive increased subsidies of NT$10,000 per booth for exhibition participation. Moreover, Taiwan Expo venues will be enhanced, procurement activities for foreign buyers will be expanded, and trade and financial support will be reinforced in order to gain more business opportunities for “MIT” products. These additional marketing efforts will amount to over NT$2 billion, benefiting more than 30,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and aiming to secure over US$10 billion in business opportunities.
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